1- What is Azure Repos?

  • Set of version control tools to manage your code:
  • Tightly integrated with other Azure DevOps features
  • Can connect from common development environments
  • Policy based management to protect branches
  • Offers two styles of version control: Git (Distributed version control) and TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control; Centralized version control)


What do I get with Azure Repos? 

  • Free private Git Repositories, pull requests and code search
  • Support for any Git client
  • Web hooks and API integration
  • Semantic code search
  • Collaborate to build better code
  • Automate with builtin CI/CD
  • Protect your code quality with branch policies
  • Use your favorite tools

2- What is GitHub?
Largest open-source community


Features of GitHub

  • Automate from code to cloud
  • Securing software, together
  • Seamless code review
  • Code and documentation in one place
  • Coordinate
  • Manage teams


Migrating from TFVC to Git:

  • Migrating the Tip
  • Import Repository


Authenticating to Your Git Repos: